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      Simcro Vaccinator FG 1ml

      Simcro finger-grip vaccinators are sold world-wide, and are the biggest selling items in the Simcro range of applicators. This tool has been carefully designed to be the most comfortable to use, fitting nicely in your palm. All surfaces are rounded, and lightly etched for good grip even in wet conditions. The 4.7mm spigot for the delivery tube is tucked neatly into the inside of the handle. There is no external spring to gather dirt. Barrel is of clear polycarbonate. (Delivery tube and needles not supplied.)

      Simcro Vaccinator FG 1ml       SKU 911520

      Simcro Vaccinator FG 2ml        SKU 459442

      Simcro Vaccinator FG 5ml        SKU 458902


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