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      Septicare Hoof Bond Cartridge 250mlX

      What is different about Septicare? Unlike most hoof block systems on the market, Septicare is; 1. Not temperature dependant. Septicare can be used in any weather without needing to be pre-warmed; 2. Septicare is not sensitive to moisture – there is no need to dry the hoof, and it can even be used in the wet! The other great advantage of Septicare is that it can be dispensed in any regular caulking gun. We do supply a very nice-quality Septicare gun, at a reasonable price, but your regular caulking gun will suffice. For block application, firstly fully treat the injured claw of the hoof to ensure best recovery. Then prepare the sole of the healthy claw, making it as flat as possible to maximise bond area. Apply Septicare adhesive generously to give glue depth of about 3mm (when spread over the bond area). Press the block lightly onto the claw, but not so much that the glue squeezes out. Position block carefully to ensure load-bearing is around the hoof wall and heel. After 15-30 seconds the hoof can be let down for load bearing. Septicare Cartridge Instructions 1. Place the cartridge in the caulking gun 2. Unscrew the protective cap (save) 3. Remove the tube plug by pulling outwards save). This may require pliers.) 4. Screw the mixing tip onto the cartridge and dispense glue onto block (or claw) 5. After use leave tip in place until next requirement 6. For next use glue in tip will be set. Unscrew and discard, replace with new tip. NB: If left unused for longer periods (more than 3-4 weeks) it is possible the glue will set further into the cartridge. As an alternative after use, retrieve plug and cap from points 2 and 3 above and replace*. Glue will keep longer with these in place. *Cartridge plug should be replaced in same orientation as when removed. 12 Blocks per 250ml Cartridge.


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