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      Rumevite Lamb Pellet 20kg

      • Palatable grain ration presented as a pellet.

      • Nil urea – suitable for early weaned lambs from 4 weeks of age.

      • Contains an acidifying agent to reduce the risk of urinary calculi (water belly).

      • High levels of bypass protein.

      • Contains balanced levels of calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals and vitamins.

      • Contains Bovatec® for the reduction of faecal shedding of coccidia (Eimeria spp.) in sheep maintained in confinement.

      • Rumevite Lamb pellet is suitable for feeding to finishing lambs, early weaned lambs from 4 weeks of age onwards, hoggets, wethers or cull stock in conjunction with unlimited pasture or hay.

      • Lambs younger than 4 weeks of age should be fed on a sheep specific milk replacer. The process of weaning from milk onto Rumevite Lamb pellet plus pasture / hay should be gradual.

      • Ensure that all lambs have been fed with palatable hay to appetite for the first day – ensure that all lambs are full with palatable hay.

      • Start feeding lambs with Rumevite Lamb pellet at a rate of 0.25 kg per 50 kg liveweight per day. Gradually increase the rate of feeding each day for the next 21 days up to the desired level of feeding, or up to 1.5 kg per 50 kg liveweight per day.

      • Feed from troughs or self-feeders.

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