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      Ram Harness MatingMark Regular

      Use as at joining as cheap insurance to check ewes are cycling and rams are working. Can also identify non-pregnant ewes and enable ewes to be split into lambing groups for savings in pasture/feed costs and improved lambing management. Quickly and easily fitted and adjusted with “snap lock” buckles and sliders to secure lose Strap ends. “Click in” Crayon System makes fitting and changing crayons simple. It even allows crayon change while the ram is standing, with no need to turn him on his back, and fiddling with cotter pins is a thing of the past. Only natural ingredients including beeswax are used in MATINGMARK. Choose from Cold, Mild or Hot types for cooler, mild or hot climates to optimise strength of marks and longevity of the crayon block in your conditions.

      MATINGMARK Crayons are available in 6 vivid colours; blue, purple, red, green and orange for long lasting marks and yellow for marks that don’t persist as long. Fully scourable.

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