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      Prodder Farmhand Red Rechargeable

      Fully-sealed rechargeable battery. Supplied complete with 240v charger, which connects into an external plug on the handle unit. The NiMH battery is resistant to memory, and over-charging, and should last 500 cycles. A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete. A full charge from flat will take 8-10 hours. Weight 600gm. NB: For optimum battery life, run fully flat occasionally, and try not to continually over-charge.

      Available in:

      Prodder Farmhand Red Recharg 31cm cpt         SKU 835899

      Prodder Farmhand Red Recharg 57cm cpt         SKU 260381

      Prodder Farmhand Red Recharg 83cm cpt         SKU  378416


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