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      Milk Warmer Electric Teflon

      There is no doubt calves do better on warm milk. Our 240v Milk Warmer uses a 2000W element encased in alloy for immersing in milk, or any liquid, to a maximum 70cm depth. For deeper containers, and plastic bottom containers, machine must be suspended or stood on a suitable stand. (Do not suspend warmer by the handles – see our suspension devices below.) Our Teflon-coated model reduces the tedious task of cleaning milk from the element area. Our Milk Warmers will heat 100 litres of milk from 17 C to 37 C in approx 1 hour. Lift out and rinse off. When fed warm milk, calves grow faster and have less disease, and will quickly pay for the value of the milk warmer. For warming large volumes (trailers etc) we suggest you use a standard electric plug timer, set for required time before feeding. Milk will be warm when you are ready to go. NB: Rubbing cooking oil into the element before using will reduce milk deposits. If used for heating colostrum, you must thin milk with warm water, or stir frequently to prevent build up on element.

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