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      Leg & Tail Tape 25m

      Dairymen have used a variety of products for quick and easy temporary identification in the cowshed. Plastic insulation tape is often used, but this can often shrink after application and cause some pain and aggravation. Ordinary hardware-store duct tape is cheap, and is easy to apply, but generally falls off in a very short time as water penetrates the plastic coating and causes the cloth to fall apart. Our special-manufacture Leg & Tail tape is made for the purpose. It is a polyethylene-coated water-proof cloth-backed tape that is easy to rip, will not shrink, and will stay on the leg or tail for up to three weeks. Tape is 10m long x 48mm wide.

      Available in:

      Leg & Tail Tape 25m Blue        SKU 262660

      Leg & Tail Tape 25m Green      SKU 262664

      Leg & Tail Tape 25m Orange    SKU 262662

      Leg & Tail Tape 25m Red         SKU 262678

      Leg & Tail Tape 25m Yellow     SKU 262652


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