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      Cowslips Original 10-pack

      There is no doubt that Cowslips are the leading prosthetic device for lameness in New Zealand cows. Cowslip was developed in UK by Dr Ernie Logan in the late 1980s, and is now used worldwide. Before fitting a Cowslip the hoof should be lifted and cleaned, and the cause of the lameness determined. (A Cowslip should not be applied until the damaged hoof area is identified, as accidental application to the damaged claw could exacerbate the injury.)

      Available in:

      Cowslips Original Left only 10-pack       SKU 721358

      Cowslips Original Mixed L+R 10-pack   SKU 372198

      Cowslips Original Right only 10-pack    SKU 721360

      Cowslips Plus Mixed L+R 10-pack        SKU 913060


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