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      Barastoc Supreme 20kg

      Formulated with premium quality ingredients tailored for superior topline development Barastoc Supreme is formulated with essential amino acids which contain the building blocks of protein. A low starch, high protein feed that also contains Diamond V® XPC to improve utilisation of fibre and reduce lactic acid accumulation during exercise.

      What will Barastoc Supreme provide for my horse?

      – High in essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids (BCAA), the building blocks of protein, for superior topline, muscle development and repair.

      – Full performance dose of vitamin E and selenium for superior antioxidant function, in addition to immune and muscle system support.

      – Contains Diamond V® XPC prebiotic to improve digestion of fibre and minerals, and to create an environment that enhances the horse’s gut microbiome.

      – A low starch, high protein and high fat, slow energy release feed for horses with a natural metabolism that does not require additional calories.

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