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      Agri Novatex Pit COVER 200um 12m X 50m Super Heavy Duty 9 Rolls/Pallet

      Provides maximum protection for Silage Pits in the harsh Australian climate. Manufactured with the latest technology in polyethylene resin, Pitcover offer’s strength and resistance against tears and punctures. Built with Three layer film technology, white/black to reflect heat and maintain ideal anaerobic storage conditions for ensiling forage.

      SKU 582083

      Also available in the following sizes:

      15m x 50m

      SKU 582084

      18m x 50m

      SKU 582085

      20m x 50m 4 rolls/pallet

      SKU 583039

      21m x 50m 4 rolls/pallet

      SKU 583041

      22m x 50m 4 rolls/pallet

      SKU 5872042

      24m x 50m 4 rolls/pallet

      SKU 583043


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